Participation In Social And Civic

The focus of the African Caribbean communities is with the elders who run the city's Caribbean Centre. Above is the centre's committee with visiting Jamaican High Commissioner (centre) and Coventry's first black councillor Mr E. Linton (second from the right rear). Below that is Coventyr's premier domino team in action.

Whatever the past or present difficulties, Coventry as a city has seen three generation of its African and Caribbean communities develop, many of whom have successfully intergrated with the people of Coventry forming part of its civic and social life. They contribute to the cities community life and regeneration through participation.

As a city Coventry has a population of ten thousand African and Caribbean people who add to its cultural diversity. The West Indian Centre which is run mainly by elders acts as a focus point for the community. Through its equal opporunities policies it caters for everyone who passes through its doors enabling all to be involved in its activities.

The African Caribbean people participate in many of the cities mainstream events, such as its annual Jazz Festival. They also contribute their own arts and festival events. The main one taking place every year in the cities Memorial Park which thousands attend each year.

Every year, thousands turn up to share in the festive spirit at the city's Caribbean Festival.


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