African Caribbean Coventry


Lady Godiva

It is puzzle why a women as wealthy as Lady Godiva would ride through the streets of the city naked on horse back, at her husbands request to lower taxes. The answer is most likely to be found in the city’s pagan past, since a naked women on a horse symbolized fertility. Like wise there was no Peeping Tom, in the 13th century account by Roger Wendover, the author of the Godiva legend. The statue which is presented, as Peeping Tom is in fact a carving of St George rescued from a chapel dedicated to him.

Coventry Parliamentary Support

During the civil war between the crown and parliamentarians Coventry backed the parliamentarians. The city’s decision to support parliament may have been influenced by the Earl of Warwick who was then among the most important nobles in the country. He had in fact with other Knights challenged the authority of the King of England. The action forced the King to concede power to the nobles, regarded as the beginning of a parliamentary system.