Historical past
Apart from its rich historical past, Coventry like most of the UK has witnessed some turbulent social changes, most of which have disturbingly negative for the African Caribbean communities. However, there have also been many features regarded as positive as found in the city's struggle with its multicultural image. There are those who believe generally that we live in such a society, and that the UK can set an example to the world in this social development. Some argue on the basis of the impact on the British way of life that black people have made, especially so in the area of music and culture. While other's emphasis the influence of language, attitudes, and ideas about the nature of community itself.

There are yet still others who draw reference to Roman Britain under the governorship of Septimus Severus, a black African educated in Europe, who during his military service defeated the Caledonians or Scots as they known now. He commanded the Roman garrison at Hadrian's Wall, and died later at York. Or the Phoenicians who mined copper and tin in Devon and Cornwal l,000 years ago , to Queen Charlotte, wife of King George the 3rd. All speak of an early engagement of blacks in Britain. So those who may seek a positive viewpoint regarding the role of blacks in the UK are more easily able too do so within material available today.

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