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If a gallery existed for the Black Diaspora community in the UK it would most certainly include these unsung heroes of the Windrush and their descendents. They have made a major contribution to the development of the social cultural and economic life in the Britain we see today. Their contribution and influence can be seen in the media, medicine, technology and industry, development in strategies for care of the elderly, politics, and research especially in the area of sickle cell.

They have contributed to the civil service serving as Mayors of cities and towns and have been present in town halls as councillors and justices of the peace and been members of all mainstream political parties. They have received a variety of honours and accolades through the service of their various offices as a result of distinctive service to their community and the country. Yet in the vast number of cases they remain unsung heroes and as time goes by their contribution and legacy maybe lost. They exist however in the historic records and files of organisations from which accolades are awarded and in the memories of those survivors who have served with them or whose life may have been prolonged as a result their care or ingenuity.

Merle J Amory
Agnes Slocombe
Constance Mark
Cordela Stewart
Elain Jackson
Icelyn Gray
Juliet Alexander
Laris Fisher
Lydia Simmons
Yvonne Habgood
Elizabeth Anionwu
Floela Benjamin
Hyacinth Moodie
Pansy Jeffery
Patricia Martin Del Burgo
Patsy Robertson
Valerie Thompson
Amborzine Neil
Jessica  Huntley