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George Washington Carver is among the earliest and best known scientist and inventor in the Diaspora and in the US African American community hardly a science history conversation starts without the mention of his name.

Among Carvers main aim in life was the desire to provide poor farmers with more income which he did by advocating diversity in agriculture and as a result there was a breakthrough in US crops and cotton.

Of Washington Carvers 44 bulletins for farmers he had developed 100 products from peanuts for which he received a multitude of honours among the most prized was the Spingarn Medal of National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP).
Science and Innovation

Throughout the world and especially in the USA black people have made some major contribution to science. They have invented things which go towards making our daily lives much more comfortable and easy. 

These items range from mechanical devices, scientific discoveries, advances in the field of physics, mathematics, biology, medicine and in recent times space sciences.