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Science and inovation
Frederick. D. Patterson
Motor company

A hundred years ago a Fredrick D. Patterson an African American became the first black man to own and operate a car company. He had always been an energetic strong willed and forward looking individual. While a student at Ohio State university he had became the first Black American to play on the school football team a major achievement at the time and one which marked him out as a winner.

On leaving college he joined the family business in making horse drawn carriages which was later to become C.R. Patterson and Sons. On his fathers death in 1910 Frederick Patterson took over the family business, and immediately realised that the horse drawn carriage
business provided an opportunity for the manufacturing of auto mobiles.

In the early 1900 he set about converting the family business to the manufacturing of motor cars making 150 vehicles at a cost of $850 each. By 1915 he was known for his production of the Green Field auto mobiles which he produced in two styles competing with Henry Fords Model T.  With eyes firmly fixed on the future he developed a strong relationship with schools and companies with large loads to shift providing him with a steady customer base for his production of what became known as Green Fields Busses and Trucks.