Eugene Bullard an African American had flown into the history books 25 years before the famed Tuskegee airman would take to the air fighting over Europe and North Africa.

Eugene Bullard from Columbus, Georgia was born in1894. He ran away from home at 9 years old to escape the racism suffered by him and his family daily basis as discovered on ship bound for Scotland England. The captain allowed him passage by serving as a cabin boy to pay his way. He eventually made his way to France at the beginning of WW1, joined the French Army and was wounded on four occasions.

The wounds he received were severe enough to warrant his eventual discharge from the army. The French however was desperate to recruit pilots and Bullard re-enlisted as a flyer in the French Air Force

With 200 successfully flown combat mission flown for France other pilots referred to him by nickname as “The Black Swallow of Death”
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